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Hello dear friends! 
Welcome to the law firm "Acceptus".
Thank you for visiting our site, stay tuned"

Day of memory and honors / Victory Day

The "AcceptuS" team congratulates you on May 9 - the Day of Remembrance and Honor/Victory day, we wish you all health and well-being, happiness and…


Dear women! Every year on March 8, we celebrate International Women's Day. Over the years, this holiday has become a symbol of honoring women, …


In recent years, in many countries of the world, the digitalization of many sectors of the economy and social spheres is gaining momentum. …

Defenders of the Motherland Day in Uzbekistan!

January 14 is one of the most important holidays in the Republic of Uzbekistan - the Day of Defenders of the Motherland. This is …

Dear friends, partners of the firm, dear fellow citizens and colleagues of all countries!

The difficult year 2022 is coming to an end, which was full of all sorts of unexpected, difficult, and sometimes unpleasant, but mostly wonderful …

About the vusit to the USA of the our lawyer Sattarov Aziz

Attorney (defence lawyer), Deputy Managing Partner of the law firm "Acceptus" Aziz Sattarov in August-September 2016, as part of a business …

Following a visit to the USA

Dear visitors of the site! Lawyer, Managing Partner of our firm Allan Pashkovskiy in November-December 2022, visited the United States in the field…

Former diplomat crushed by Uzbekistan’s broken justice system

Before descending into Tashkent’s Pushkin metro station on the morning of December 3, Kadyr Yusupov opened the Telegram app on his phone and sent a…

Our mission...

The mission of the Acceptus law firm team is to bring into the life of the surrounding society the ideals of the rule of law, the rule of law and setting the highest value of the rights of every person to life, health, freedom and privacy, property, the inviolability of generally recognized international norms, the current Constitution and legislation Uzbekistan, as well as full devotion to the duty and honor of serving the lawyer's business ...

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Our mission is the most ideal legal society, where the vast majority know and actively use their rights, and responsible persons, sacredly honor these rights and properly fulfill their powers and effectively use their duties.

Priority areas of activity

Partners of the law firm for their considerable experience in advocacy have repeatedly and generally successfully represented and defended the interests of citizens, legal entities, former high-ranking civil servants, diplomats, representatives of business, banking and other sectors of the economy, including abroad in various bodies government controlled...


We are always close to those who need us and are ready to provide legal assistance as quickly and efficiently as possible and establish strong, reliable, long-term and effective partnerships and bring positive changes to the world around us through advocacy and law-abiding behavior, as well as undoubtedly protecting human rights.

Allan Pashkovskiy

lawyer, Managing partner

Aziz Sattarov

lawyer, Deputy managing partner

With respect and best wishes, the team of the law firm "Acceptus"

Remote payment

Acceptance of all popular payment methods on our website in services: by cards of any bank, through electronic wallets or in cash to a banking institution. (When paying with Visa and Master card bank cards, payment is possible through the functionality of your mobile banking application).



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